Teacher's Kit

Kit contains the following:
The Writing Road to Reading 6th revised edition
Teacher's Guide (select grade from K-6)
Phonogram Cards - Classroom Size set of 87
Phonogram Sounds CD
Word Builder Cards (Level based on Teacher's Guide grade level)
Grade K-2 Spelling/Vocabulary Notebook
Spelling/Vocabulary Notebook for Grade 3 and above
Full set of McCall-Harby and McCall-Crabbs Test Lessons in Reading plus both Comprehension Connection User's Guides for McCall-Harby and McCall-Crabbs Books
Answer Sheets for McCall Harby/Crabbs
Mental Action Cards (30 sheets)
Text Structure Cards (30 sheets)
Spalding in Action DVD (select grade from K-6)
Spalding Ruler
Pack of 4 Hexagonal Red Pencils
Tote Bag
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  • Kindergarten